How to Pick the Right Podium Steps

Posted: 1 Feb2017 |Author: Sales

How to Pick the Right Podium Steps

With an average of 50 people dying in the UK each year since 2001 as a result of falls from height, no business can afford to take chances with their scaffolding equipment and the health and safety of their employees.

This means it’s absolutely essential that you choose the right podium steps for the work you’re carrying out, so as to ensure a workplace that meets the latest health and safety regulations.

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Safe Use of Scaffold Tower

Posted: 25 Oct2016 |Author: Sales

Safe Use of Mobile Scaffold Tower

 When using any type of scaffolding, safety is of course of paramount importance. Many injuries in the workplace occur when employees are working on high platforms, especially when adequate preparation is not a key part of the proceedings. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were put together to prevent injuries and death caused by falls and should be followed at all times. While these regulations are beyond the scope of this article, we do advise familiarising yourself with them if you regularly work at height or are responsible for other employees who do.

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Podium Steps

Posted: 18 Oct2016 |Author: Sales

Podium steps are a regularly employed low-level access solution on many worksites across the globe for an amazingly broad range of work tasks including painting and decorating, window cleaning, electrical work, indoor and outdoor repair work and even tree pruning. This makes them a highly versatile access solution suitable for all work performed at low heights.

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What to Look for in a Scaffold Tower

Posted: 21 Sep2016 |Author: Sales

What to Look for in a Scaffold Tower  

With such a broad range of scaffold towers on the market, it isn’t at all uncommon to find yourself somewhat overwhelmed when sourcing high-quality scaffolding for a commercial, industrial or residential project. Here are a few important considerations to take into account.

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How to Use a Scaffold Tower Safely

Posted: 26 Aug2016 |Author: Admin

How to Use a Scaffold Tower Safely 

According to the 2015 Safety Report of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), scaffolding accidents rose by 9 percent over the previous year, with 105 accidents reported in 2014 compared to 96 in 2013. 

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New Podium Pas 250 Range

Posted: 19 May2015 |Author: Admin

New Podium Range that complies with PAS 250 standard.

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New Website Feature

Posted: 11 Feb2015 |Author: Sales


Live Chat now available on 

Any visitors requiring technical or sales assistance now have the ability to use the new Live Chat feature, just look for the box at the bottom right of your screen.  We look forward to answering all your questions


Welcome to our New Site

Posted: 2 Feb2015 |Author: Sales


Welcome to our brand new website. 

The new Toptower site is clear, clean and easy to navigate why not browse around and check it out.

We will be launching many new products over the coming weeks and months so check beck to see whats new.

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