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Ladder Stopper

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The Stopper  has been on the market since the early 1990's. It is an anti slip stabiliser for ladders and comes in various sizes(see below).

Whilst some potential customers see the Stopper as being just a rubber mat it is in fact an Aluminium T piece with Rubber bonded to the cross part of the "T". Because of this the weight of the ladder and its user are spread throughout the Stopper over a large area. Not only does the Upright Aluminium plate help prevent the ladder slipping outwards it also helps prevent ladder flip where the ladder rotates due to overreaching.

We have been asked why we don't we manufacture Stopper cheaply in the Far East out of one piece of Rubber but we believe this would be both a false economy and dangerous. The upright needs to be hard but the foot needs to have a soft outer with a rigid centre. It would also weigh about 8 kilos where our STO 18 weighs just 2.6 kilos and the STO 24 only 3.5 kilos. the Stopper is a lot more than just a cheap rubber mat.

  • Hi Strength Aluminium "T" Section with the base coated in high traction rubber.
  • Large area base increases grip.
  • Aluminium upright prevents ladder from rotating around one stile - the cause of "flip" failure.

  • Comes in sizes to fit all ladders and complies with WAHR and HSE guidance.
  • Ideal for lone worker use; safe, cost effective and more reliable than footing.

STO18 Trade Stopper

Dimensions - 18 inches (475mm) long X 8½ inches (216mm) wide

Suitable for ladders up to 16 inches (406mm) wide.

STO24 Industrial Trade Stopper

Dimensions - 24 inches (609mm) long X 8½ inches (216mm) wide

Suitable for ladders up to 22 inches (559mm) wide.

Ladder Stopper

Part Number Weight (Kg) Price (Ex / Inc VAT) QTY
STO18 2.60
£48.33 / £58.00
STO24 3.50
£65.00 / £78.00

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