How to Pick the Right Podium Steps

With an average of 50 people dying in the UK each year since 2001 as a result of falls from height, no business can afford to take chances with their scaffolding equipment and the health and safety of their employees.

This means it’s absolutely essential that you choose the right podium steps for the work you’re carrying out, so as to ensure a workplace that meets the latest health and safety regulations.

Which Podium Steps to Choose?

With a wide variety of podium steps to select from, including our MK, Raptor and Sherpascopic podium steps, it’s very important to understand exactly what kind of podium steps you need for the job you’re undertaking. The most important areas to focus upon are discussed below.

A Range of Platform Heights

Chances are you’ll need your podium steps to reach more than a single height, so look for models that enable you to work at a range of platform heights to meet your workplace needs.

Telescopic podium steps, like our popular Sherpascopic models, are an excellent example of a product that enables workers to work comfortably and safely at a wide range of platform heights. The Sherpascopic Work Platform is safe and secure with its large-area work platform (600 x 420 mm) and is available in two models with platform heights of 1.06 – 1.53 metres and 1.73 – 2.23 metres.

Size, Weight and Assembly Times

Ease of transportation and assembly are very important, so you also need to look at various models’ size, weight and assembly times, i.e. how long it takes to assemble the podium steps. Most podium steps, whether they’re adjustable or static, can be moved around a worksite by 1 – 2 workers, with larger, bulkier podium steps usually requiring two people to lift safely.

With regard to assembly times, most models take a few minutes at most to erect, with most one-piece models taking less than a minute. Ease of assembly isn’t only important for time-effectiveness considerations, as it also means the platform is more likely to be stable and secure.

Load Rating and Safety Features

Always look at load ratings to ensure the model you select is able to support the weight of a worker as well as their tools and equipment. This generally means you should look for a minimum load rating of 150 kilograms. Safety features are the most important aspects of podium steps, after all, safety is the main reason behind the Work at Height Regulations introduced in 2005.

  • Guardrails should provide workers with 360-degree protection from falls
  • They must feature a stable design with a solid work platform and toe boards
  • Stabilisers must be included to provide further stability and safety

Additionally, it’s also important to look out for podium steps that feature anti-slipping or non-slip decks and models designed in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations.

Toptower is a leading supplier of podium steps and other access solutions to businesses across the UK and Ireland. If you’d like to learn more about our podium steps, or need experienced advice to help you select the best model for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in contact.