Podium Steps – A Beginners Guide

Podium steps are a regularly employed low-level access solution on many worksites across the globe for an amazingly broad range of work tasks including painting and decorating, window cleaning, electrical work, indoor and outdoor repair work and even tree pruning. This makes them a highly versatile access solution suitable for all work performed at low heights.

Why Use Podium Steps?

Podium steps are a much better choice than traditional ladders when working from heights, in fact, when working at heights up to 4.5 metres above ground level, most major developers insist that their contractors use podium steps or scaffolding instead of ladders because they are much safer and more secure in a number of ways. The benefits of using podium steps include:

Podium steps utilise stabilisers to provide a more secure platform to work from

Stability is essential as this is one of the most prominent reasons why podium steps and scaffolding are used instead of traditional ladders in a variety of work environments. Most podium steps feature folding or telescopic adjustable stabilisers to suit all work environments, including work environments with uneven surfaces. Podium steps that feature inward facing (towards the platform) stabilisers further help to improve stability and are an excellent choice.

Guardrails and non-slip surfaces reduce the likelihood of falls from heights

Models with guardrails that feature a self-closing gate are a great choice as they provide workers with 360-degree protection from falls. A solid platform with a non-slip surface is another safety feature most podium steps boast, with different models featuring different sized platforms to suit a broad range of workplace tasks. Give some thought to the work that will be carried out and how much platform space will be required to ensure the worker can carry out their tasks comfortably and safely.

There are very few situations in which it’s more advantageous to use a traditional ladder over podium steps as these versatile access solutions are ideal for a wide range of workplace and worksite environments.

Working at Height Regulations

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were introduced to prevent injuries and deaths from falls from heights, which have long been a major problem on worksites across the UK, despite the comprehensive workplace health and safety regulations that have been in place for many years. All contractors, developers and employers must adhere to these regulations, which entails ensuring that all work is correctly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people using the correct type of access equipment (scaffolding, podium steps, etc.) for working at height.

If your business is to adhere to these regulations and provide your employees with a safe working environment, it’s essential that you select the right access solutions for your workplace needs. As a leading provider of access solutions with more than 25 years’ industry experience, Toptower can help you select the right podium steps for the work you are undertaking including Fibreglass podium steps for use where high voltage electricity can present increased hazards to electricians on site. Don’t hesitate to contact us for informed advice on a great selection of Work at Height approved podium steps from industry leading manufacturers.