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Porta-Nails - T Nails

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There's a good reason why the shark's tooth serrated-like design hasn't changed for millions of years. EFFICIENCY. And because the porta-nailer is the only tool that uses the exclusive Porta-Nails with the serrated design, you'll enjoy the "Preferred Seating" of the nail every time.

Introducing the new shorter nails from Porta-Nails. Absolutely perfect for thinner, subfloor applications, yet with the same incredible tighter-biting holding power Porta-Nails is famous for. Feed your hunger for easy, accurate performance and the tightest floor on earth

Porta-Nails - T Nails

Part Number Weight (Kg Price (Ex / Inc VAT) QTY
T Nails 38mm (carton 1,000) 1.20
£15.00 / £18.00
T Nails 38mm (carton 5,000) 8.00
£49.17 / £59.00
T Nails 50mm (carton 1,000) 2.00
£15.00 / £18.00
T Nails 50mm (carton 10,000) 19.00
£95.00 / £114.00

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